Founder & CEO

Thirty plus years of experience in the industry, I am the driving force behind KC Global Transportation’s success, entrepreneurial vision and passionate hospitality.

I grew up on Kansas City’s east side and graduated from Westport High School.  As my Senior year came to an end, my classmate "Stanley" asked me if I was interested in earning extra money on the weekends as a driver for his father's transportation company. I accepted the job and it was at that point I realized my primary goal was to provide the best service possible. My career began with those fine people. Not only were they my bosses - - they were my family.

I established KC Global Transportation in 2008 with the intention of providing a quality ground transportation service to the general public, entertainment and hospitality industries as well as the corporate and business sector.

Earning an impeccable reputation in the industry has offered me the opportunity to work as a personal chauffeur and assistant for some of today's top celebrity and political figures. As a designated chauffeur for an Official of the Kansas City Chiefs, it has been my privilege to work the San Diego, Arizona, New Orleans and Miami Super Bowls.

I believe my solid commitment to customers goes beyond simply providing superior ground transportation service. This is what truly sets KC Global Transportation apart from the competition.

Thank you Kansas City.  Without your support and encouragement, KC Global Transportation’s success wouldn't have been possible.

- Robb Hadi



We will get you from point A to pint B and all the other points in between with quality and privacy.


Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our dedicated team will ensure that your travel experience is seamless from start to finish.

We can help you keep travelers on the right path with usage and spend reports, You also receive status updates for each reservation.


KC Global will be your single point of contact for reserving your ground transportation, coordinate and changes, and complete the centralized billing. 


KC Global remains diligent in their task to protect each client's confidentiality. Personal information about a client is an extension of that person. Protecting our personal information is one way we show our respect in a business relationship. 


As a company that serves high-profile clients, we must exercise discretion at all times.

This includes the potential of overhearing conversations that can risk exposure about a client.


Is to provide our clients with an unparalleled chauffeur service at a competitive market rate




The Expectations

Great drivers drive defensively, anticipate and take care of clients’ needs, It is not about the ride as much as the experience. Great driving is an art.

You have to be a self-disciplined individual who’s happy to serve with a smile & no problem approach to everything, with a vast knowledge of your city & where and how to obtain any request that may come from your principle at any time, happy to sit for hours on end but be ready to go at the drop of a hat firing on all cylinders, meticulous in detail & a good planner (it’s no good going to a meeting & getting caught out in roadworks that have been there a week) if you don’t know a place a previous recce is in order & make sure you know exactly where the best routes are.

“If somebody takes you into their confidence in a really personal way, you have to rise to that level of trustworthiness.”

Understands that many people do not want to have conversations, Discernment is important. “Friendly, not familiar” is the golden rule. Most drivers get it. Some don’t.


Self discipline is the fuel to success. 

Take 100% of responsibilities for all your decisions and actions in life, ask your self, do i have the right mind set to become and achieve my goal.

don’t wish for it, work for it, prepare the best you can, let your determination and hunger for knowledge be your fuel to get to your goal.

become known among your colleagues, as the person who’s reliable and trustworthy. that your friends come to you, if they need an honest opinion. 

trust me when i say, there is no substitute for hard work, there is no substitute for self-discipline, learning from mistakes you will become more experience, growing confidence.

Except your mistakes and work on your weaknesses and refocus . 

Achieving goals gets addicted. and once you’ve achieved your goals, make time to give something back, help other who are struggling with similar issues as you had before your career, the people you connect with and you share the story and your able to help them in any way its incredibly rewarding .

Be humble, appreciative.

And don’t forget a good chauffeur is always learning.